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ISCA BBS Client: How-To

Installation: Windows
How to install the ISCABBS Client on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000 and XP.
Installation: Mac OS X
How to install the ISCABBS Client on Mac OS X.
Installation: Unix/Linux
How to install the ISCABBS Client on Unix and Linux from source code.
Getting Started
The essentials you need to know to get the most out of the ISCABBS Client. Covers starting the client and accessing the configuration menu to customize the client to your tastes.
Save posts, express messages, or any other information from the BBS to a file on your computer.
Change the color scheme used by the BBS to suit your own personal tastes.
How to edit words, lines and entire messages using the built-in editor or an editor of your choice, and how to import files.
Express Message Settings
Set up away messages, automatic reply, and more.
Hot Keys
Hot keys perform special functions in the client. Learn about and set up these special functions so you can activate them at any time.
Macros are stored sequences of text or commands that you use frequently.
User Lists
The ISCABBS Client uses two lists of users: the friend list and the enemy list. Learn how to set them up and what they can do for you.
Other Options
Miscellaneous options to configure the ISCABBS Client.