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ISCA BBS Client: Editing

You have new options available to you when composing posts and express message.

Line Editing

When typing input to the BBS, or writing posts or express messages, you may use the following editing features: To delete a word, press Ctrl-W. To delete an entire line, press Ctrl-X. To reprint the current line you are working on (in case of noise), press Ctrl-R.

External Editor

You may choose to edit your posts in another editor instead of using the client's built-in editor. The editors available to you depend on what is available on the system where your client is installed.

To choose an external editor, use the Options menu in the client configuration menu. Typical Unix editors are vi, pico and emacs. Typical Windows editors are notepad and Typical Mac OS X editors are SimpleText and BBEdit.

To start your external editor for a message, press ENTER twice (or Ctrl-D if uploading) and choose Edit from the post menu. Once you are done editing in the external editor, you will be returned to the post menu, and can then Save your message.

Importing Files

You can import a file from your system into a post. To do this, press Shift-Edit from the post menu. Enter the filename for the file you wish to import. The file will then be loaded into your external editor, where you can make changes or additions.