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ISCA BBS Client: Express Message Settings

Express message options described below can be set up in the Xpress menu in the client configuration menu.

Away from Keyboard

You can have the ISCABBS Client automatically reply to users who send you express messages while you are away from the keyboard. To set the message that users will see, use the Away menu under the Xpress menu. You can use up to five lines for your away from keyboard message.

To indicate that you are away from your keyboard and allow the answering machine to answer your express messages, press your command key followed by your away key. To set up your away key, see Hot Keys.

Automatic Reply

You can now configure the client to automatically set up a reply to express messages you receive. The client will type x and the recipient's name for you, so all you have to do is type your response. This feature is enabled by default. To disable it, use the Xland menu under the Xpress menu.

Automatic reply will reply to each express message you receive, in the same order in which you received them, except that if you receive two or more messages from the same user, it will automatically reply only once.

Automatic Name Completion

When you are typing a user name, the ISCABBS Client will try to guess the name you are typing. When it has made a guess, the name it guesses will be printed in a different color. To accept this name, just press ENTER. If you wish to use a different name, just continue typing as if the name had never appeared.