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Client Installation: Unix/Linux

Before proceeding, you may wish to contact your system administrator to find out whether the ISCABBS Client is already installed on your Unix system. Many sites have already installed this client, and unfortunately, they are too numerous to list here.

If you need to build a copy of the client for your Unix system, follow these directions:

First, download the latest version of the client source code. Then, run the following commands:

gzip -dc iscabbs-<version>.tar.gz | tar -xf -
cd iscabbs-<version>

If you are the system administrator, run the following commands. This will install the BBS client under /usr/local by default.

make install

If you are NOT the system administrator, and want to install the client in your home directory, run the following commands instead.

./configure --prefix=$HOME --bindir=$HOME
make install

See the INSTALL file in the source code directory for detailed information on using the configure program.

The ISCABBS Client binary is installed as "bbs" in the directory you specified when you configured the program. For installations by the system administrator, any user can type "bbs" to start the client. If you installed the client in your home directory, type "./bbs" from your home directory to start the client.