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ISCA BBS Client: Macros

Macros can be used to store sequences of commands or text that you frequently type. To set up macros, use the Macros menu in the client configuration menu.

Adding or Changing Macros

Use the Edit option from the macros menu to add or change a macro. Choose the key to which the macro will be assigned. If the macro already exists, it will be displayed on screen. You will then be able to start typing your new macro. Keys such as Tab, Enter and control keys will be registered as part of your macro. To indicate that you are finished, press your command key (e.g. Esc; you cannot press Alt here).

Deleting Macros

To delete an existing macro, use the Edit option from the macros menu. Choose the key which holds the macro you want to delete, and specify a blank macro (at the New macro prompt, type nothing but your command key).

Using Macros

To use a macro you have defined, press your command key followed by the key you selected.