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ISCA BBS Client: Other Options

Other options are located in the Options menu in the client configuration menu.


If you wish to use an external editor, specify the name of the editor here. If the editor is not installed in your system path, you must specify the full path to find the editor.

Long Who List

You can set whether the BBS W command displays a long who list or a short who list. If you set this option, W will display a long who list and Shift-W will display a short who list.

Full Profile

You can set whether the BBS P command displays a full profile or an abbreviated profile. If you set this option, P will display a full profile and Shift-P will display an abbreviated profile.


You can set an alternate Internet address for the client to connect to, instead of the default. The default site is and the default port number is 23. These should not be changed unless you are connecting to a system other than ISCABBS.