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Welcome to the BBS! Established in 1989, has provided a virtual community for students of the and the Internet in general. Today is the world's largest free telnet bulletin board system on the Internet, with over 5,000 active members. We have a validation structure to help prevent harassment while allowing for anonymity, a team of System Operators who help to maintain a near round the clock watch on activities, and nearly 200 discussion forums which cover a wide variety of topics, from the intensely technical to the sublimely silly.

The base code for is D.O.C. (Dave's Own Citadel), a telnet-based BBS code derived originally from Citadel. The D.O.C. code was written primarily by Dr. David Lacey, then a student at the . In 2001 the code for D.O.C. was released under the GNU General Public License. Several variants have already been developed from this base code.

Today, offers:

is owned and maintained by the .


is maintained and supported by a variety of individuals.

The domain name and portions of this site are owned and maintained by , an Iowa non-profit organization. The group strives to support development and promotion of through its member resources and donations.